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How to produce 1-10kv XLPE HV cable?

Production of 8Kv high voltage cable with low investment


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1. Introduction: in real production, the production of high-voltage cable is very complex and the investment is very high. In addition to conductor stranding, the other two main steps are very important, insulation layer and shielding layer. The insulation layer mainly includes inner insulation and outer sheath. The shielding layer mainly refers to the copper tape shielding layer. The XLPE production in the insulating layer has very high requirements for the machine. At present, the most important machine at home and abroad is the 6-35kV three-layer coextrusion extruder. In addition to the high price, it has very high requirements for production space.

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 6-35kv triple co-extrusion line:

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 2. Most factories do not have so much investment. They mainly produce 1-10kv cables, so there is no need to buy such expensive machines. Is there an extruder that can replace 6-35 CCV line? The answer is yes. We recommend a 1-10kv 65 + 90 + 120 three-layer co extrusion silane XLPE extruder:


3. The inner insulating layer is produced by 65 extrusion, the double-layer coextrusion head is adopted for 90 + 120, the XLPE is produced by 120, and the sheath in the middle is produced by 90. In the production of outer sheath, if the customer has sufficient funds, he can buy another 120 or 150 extrusion. If the funds are not enough, he can buy another 120 nose. In the production of outer sheath, replace the head part of 120 extruder.

4.Shielding layer machine is very common. I recommend 600 copper tape shielding machine.

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